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Why Sri Sampourna Vidhyalayam

20+ Years of excellence in education

Achariya Sri Sampourna Vidhyalayam located at Achariyapuram, Villianur, Puducherry is the 5 star rated school in Puducherry with an extraordinary academic streamlined record. The co-education school found in 2005 is imaged by Achariya Educational public trust. During its life span ASSV has developed tremendously with an expertise one in various aspects. The school is well equipped with surplus facilities like Spacious classrooms, Hostel facility, Science, Computer lab, Music room, Kinder garden, Playground, Tennis court, Football court, Hockey ground, Never skip, Broad cast group, SMS updation,ERP fee updation, online fee payment and 24/7 CCTV Surveillance. Achariya Sri Sampourna Vidhyalayam has steadily grown with 21st century skills and the experience that current employer’s need. The school located at the bank of the Changrabarani River adds beauty to the serene environment and nature. It lets the child to explore their hidden treasure and its innovative curriculum is based on ambidexterity, Divyadhristy, DivyaVidhya, Divyadharshan, Moral virtue in ethics, Life skills, and 7 habits
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As a Chief Mentor, I have travelled to many destinations to derive completely a next-generation educational system. The educational Design, Methodology, Infrastructure, and Systems adopted in ACHARIYA, focus entirely on the holistic development of your child. I believe, the highly motivated and well-trained teaching faculty and the intellectual environment with the serene beauty added to it will be the ideal school that you can choose for your child. Dear parents, choose ACHARIYA to give your child a life of abundance and choice. I will be happy to welcome your child to the family of ACHARIYA. We offer, international standard of education accessible and affordable to every child.


To be the World Class Educational Institutions developing the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual personality of every individual through empowering minds, enriching lives and enlivening them to celebrate life and to be the cause for celebration.


To Empower Minds and Enrich lives, by providing the best of the World Class infrastructure with opportunities for Educational, Vocational, Social, Cultural and Leadership development that promote learning Skills for the life long personal and collaborative achievement and accomplishments through manifesting human potential to meet the diverse and changing needs of humanity.

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Mrs. Gayathree
Education means to know various things and explores the world of their knowledge. This is Gayathree.V M.sc., M.Ed., Principal of ACHARIYA Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam understanding that Education is equal to Expression and gives opportunities to pursue their talents and passions. In Early Years, Child learns basic foundation in shaping character, inculcating moral values and preparing each and every child for life calling.

Every seed has the potential to become a tree. All it needs is someone to plant it, nurture it, fertilize it and protect it. With this objective, ACHARIYA Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam provides Student oriented Education that allows young champs to be Vibrant and Co Creating.Develops understanding and inculcates skills like positive attitude, values and prepares every child to be an all rounder.

Only bookish knowledge will take the child nowhere. Happily Understanding the needs of a child, ACHARIYA Sri Sampourna Vidyalayam provides & inculcates all the 21st century skills and Seven Habits with the Curriculum.Teachers of our school are well equipped and trained in 3D Platform Teaching. Our School Sampourna would imbibe the spirit of creativity teaching and learning which recognizes the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual aspects of children. Our Prime motto “Prepared to Achieve“ is Marching ahead by Creating Records in academic and non-academic with lot of Vigour and Enthusiasm.

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12 O'Clock Meditation
At 12 o'clock meditation: Our body functions with the help of 5 major organ systems and each we meditate by directing the cosmic energy to each of this organs purposefully and experience the positive emotion on the organ system and the kingdom it represents by Golden Smile Meditation.
Shambala is an oneness group meditation which is more powerful. It happens every year, where everyone witness the positive energy in their life.
1. Multiple Intelligence Schooling – Focus on individual dominance.
2. Activities targeting secretion of Happiness Hormones.
3. Activities involving the 4Hs and BMHS.
4. Wow Schooling nurturing all the 21st Century skills through 108 activities
5. Wow Schooling through structured Think Labs, ICON Labs, Innovation Labs and Enriching Labs
6. Wow Schooling spinning on 5 ICONs, 6 Thinking Hats, 7 Habits,8 Skillsets of Life,9 Life Values,10 Dasavadhani domain

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